This, in our opinion, is why we call ourselves a true destination point-- Uniqueness. The property, 109 acres in all, began its transformation when we purchased it in 1993. The river was always there, but the property, for all practical, purposes was an open, bare slate. The upper field closest to the road was planted into numerous species of trees, mostly White Pine and Norway spruce. Diverse wildlife habitat was our top priority. Much of the lower field, which was farmed for many years, was planted into Switch Grass, a tall native prairie grass, along with tall wild flowers and enrolled in the Conservation Reserve Program. The results? A beautiful, diverse wildlife sanctuary, with a state designated scenic natural river winding around it.  

If you are looking to bring a large or small group of friends, family, or associates together for a meal or other planned event, check out our property. We offer plenty of space to roam in our unique and relaxing property setting, ideal for family reunions, company or business events.

Some of the possible group or go-solo activities are: Hayrides, kayaking, "tubing", hiking, bird watching, photography, cross country skiing, snowshoeing, fishing, picnics, banquets, and nature studies. There are several scenic locations on the property to enjoy your preferred activity.